Christmas in July: 5 Steps to Take for the Holiday Season

It’s warm outside, the sun stays up later, and you’re enjoying your days without the sound of sleigh bells and Christmas tunes. But be aware, Christmas is coming. Yes, we’re 5 months away, and Christmas does seem to come sooner every year, so now is the time to begin planning your holiday season pushes.

Here are 5 strategic steps to begin optimizing your site for the holiday rush (while at the same time improving your site for the rest of the year).

1. Build Your Content Calendar:

The holiday season takes a significant amount of content to drive sales. Create a content calendar to organize and strategize photography, video, banner ads, blog posts, product showcases, and more for the before, during, and after holiday rush.

Building a content calendar just for the holidays is also a great way to start building one for the rest of the year. Not sure where to start? We’re here to help.

2. Begin SEO Work:

Everyone turns up their marketing calendar for the holiday rush. That means it takes something special to stand out, and SEO is just the tool for the job. Begin changing site content and descriptions today, and strategize for the shopping season to have a healthy SEO bump in time for the holidays.

Additionally, we can help you consider PPC campaigns on both Google and social channels that will keep you at the top of the search results while your customers are browsing through their shopping list.

3. Audit Your Hosting:

More shoppers = more strain on your site. Audit your hosting solutions to keep your site running at optimum efficiency. Don’t think it can happen to you? Even Target has gone down during the holiday rush.

We work with all our ecommerce clients to ensure fast loading and operating websites during peak traffic. That’s why stayed up during their Super Bowl ads when many did not.

Don’t miss out on sales because of a slow site - audit your hosting now!

4. Audit your User Experience:

Are your customers satisfied with your site navigation? Are you sure? The answer could be costing you conversions.

A/B Testing, Hot Jar Analysis, and user surveys can be deployed across a variety of budgets and needs to scientifically examine if your site is converting customers. Not only does this help during the holiday rush, but it’s useful all year round.

5. Begin Creating Content:

Five months might seem like a long way out, but it will be here before you know it. For a complete marketing push, all media for websites should be done a month in advance. That’s where we come in.


With, we can help strategize, implement, and execute your holiday marketing needs.

Santa’s elves don’t wait until Christmas Eve to build toys - you shouldn’t wait until December to start your holiday marketing plans!

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