Pokémon Go! Go! Go! – How Building a Successful App can Propel Your Business into the Fast Lane

With the success of many apps, many people are driven to web development companies with ideas they hope will go viral. In fact, with Pokémon Go hitting 21 million active daily users within its first few weeks of release, it is no wonder people believe that their idea may be the next big thing.  While apps can be expensive to create, if they go viral, they can create incredible revenues.  When Pokémon Go first hit the market, it was simply a fun app that got people out of the house, but the makers of Pokémon Go are also soon to be profiting from its success. According to the Financial Times, businesses not currently on the Pokémon Go map will soon be able to attract customers by becoming ‘sponsored locations.’ A tribute to the likely success of this idea, L’inizio Pizza Bar in New York has seen a 75% in increase in business due to Pokémon Go traffic

While there are plenty of ways to hit it big with apps, it’s important to understand how much work goes into app creation. Here’s our breakdown of the most important steps to take to see app success.

Start with a Great Idea

First and foremost, you need to start with a great idea. There are literally millions of apps in Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Not only can apps be addictive and fun, it is also possible to create apps for solutions to daily problems. Uber and Lyft have completely revolutionized how we think about transportation. However, while originality is important, the market is ripe for competition.

Form a Clear Outline of Intentions or Project Specs

Apps are difficult to build, require expert project management and time. You will need to have in mind a clear outline of what you want the product to do and explain, in detail, exactly how you feel the app should work.  Without the proper specs, your app may take on a life of its own in the development phase, and never see completion.

Find your Dream Development Team

It is important to have a team of expert developers and project managers building your app, because even upon completion, you can expect bugs.  There will need to be multiple rounds of beta testing. The worst thing that can happen is having an app hit the market with bugs.  You must also plan out how you will address the issues that arise, otherwise you are going to struggle once you release the app.

Consider your Audience

Your app should be built specifically for the audience that it is serving; you must be aware of who your intended users are, and how they will use the app. For example, if you are creating an app that revolutionizes a task is completed, and your target market is senior citizens, is the app designed with enough simplicity for this audience to understand how to use it? If you are building an app for younger people, you may want stronger graphics and pizazz.  Not only is an app about the function, layout and graphics are also a major piece of the puzzle.

Be Ready to Evolve

If you own a smartphone, you probably notice that many apps are updated, almost on a daily basis. This is because smartphone platforms are constantly changing, and designers and developers are constantly improving their creations. One of the most important realizations when creating an app is the understanding that you will never achieve perfection because the world is constantly changing. Most successful apps have teams of people working on them, from graphic designers, to project managers, developers, beta testers and more.

Companies like Americaneagle.com specialize in the building of apps with a committed team to help with every step of the app-building process. Give us a call, and talk to our app experts.  They are always willing and able to assist.

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