Finally, a Website to Match the Real-Life Beauty of Maricopa County Arizona Parks and Recreation!

There’s nothing like experiencing Mother Nature through a beautiful park or a fun outdoor activity amidst natural wonders. More and more people yearn to head back to the embrace of nature to relax, refresh, and revitalize. 

But if people are not aware of the beauty that Maricopa County parks offer and the recreational wonders that are available here, then what good will it be for locals and visitors? The parks’ natural exquisiteness may go to waste.
We didn’t want that to happen. 

Our own designer Elin Alexander is an avid hiker and a nature lover who frequented the Maricopa County parks herself. She knew many individuals were missing out on all the parks had to offer because the online representation of these wonderful facilities was not all that it could be. 

Hence, she worked with the rest of the team to come up with a completely redesigned website that truly exemplifies the magnificence of the parks and recreation.

A Fresh, Appealing Look

If you’ve been to these parks, you would want every beautiful area highlighted. For people to appreciate Maricopa County’s natural wonders, it was important to create a website with a fresh, visually stimulating appearance.
As they say, “pictures paint a thousand words”. The gorgeous photography of the parks are highly deserving to be in the spotlight. The photos did the parks justice and thereby now allow site visitors to visualize them better and make them feel the relaxing atmosphere. 

The site is made up of vivid, beautiful pictures, depicting specific attractions that people can visit as well as activities they can engage in. It’s more fascinating and inviting for web users who now visit. 

Easy Access to Attractions and Activities

When people are researching a particular place they wish to visit, the two most important and common aspects they look into are the attractions and the activities. Where exactly should they go? What interesting things can they do there?

We placed emphasis on these two things by positioning the photos that represent them on the homepage of the website. Site explorers can find out about the options at a glance and also easily access each one for more information. 
When you click on a particular park, for instance, you’ll be greeted with a rich layout of data for the park. There are tabs that are easy to understand and find to provide you with the information you’re after. 

In an instant, visitors can find out about the park activities, programs, fees, projects, and more. You can book a camping trip in a snap or perhaps make a reservation to join a particular program. You can even buy an annual pass!

The navigational structure of the entire website was overhauled. We wanted to create a functional site that’s not just appealing to the eye, but also user-friendly. As a result, visitors are bound to have a more satisfactory experience exploring the site and actually discovering the info they want within a few clicks. 

Improved Search Engine Optimization

The beauty of the website will be of no use if people won’t be able to find their way to this official site of Maricopa County Parks and Recreation. 

In line with this, we’ve also made sure that SEO was part of the whole package. Those searching for nature hikes, camping trips, and other outdoor adventures in Arizona should be led to the website. Families who wish to have a picnic by the lake or schools looking for field trip venues that would expose children to nature can also discover the site in their organic web searches. 

Meta descriptions and page titles, for instance, have been incorporated. Search results will now show the write-ups that specifically describe what a particular page contains and offers. People can go straight to where they want to go. It saves time and makes the online visitors happy. 

A Combination of Beauty and Function

We’re proud of the team that worked on this project and produced this website to showcase the amazing parks of Maricopa County in Arizona. The site has been raking in more park visitors and program participants as well as more exposure in general.

Combining beauty and function was the goal. If you visit today, you’ll see just what we mean by this. Explore it for yourself and enjoy the experience!

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