Five Company Video Musts

As’s production arm, Burn the Boats Productions has had the pleasure and opportunity to work with myriad companies that have incredible stories to tell about what they do, and why they do it. In fact, all companies have stories that can captivate current and future customers and persuade them to take purchasing action. Following are essentials for creating a results-driven company video that you can feature on your website.

1- Set Yourself Apart

What does your company do better than any other company? Your video must place your unique selling proposition (USP) front and center so that the choice for your customers is clear. Without using any marketing jargon or buzzwords, your video should communicate: “We are better because of this. (And everyone wants what’s better.)” Who buys your product or service and what’s your competitive advantage over their other options? Your claim must be robust and memorable.

The Burn the Boats Approach: MBMS (Medical Billing Management Services) 
This Delaware-based company offers exclusive billing software that’s easy to use.

2- Feature Your People

In a world of texting and automated messages, people still reign. The most important asset of any company, still, is its people, so showcase your employees with pride. People want to work with people who care, have passion, and are competent and reliable. Customers like (and sometimes need) to see and hear your staff; this builds trust in your company.

The Burn the Boats Approach: Genesis Technologies 
A managed-print services company in the Chicagoland area showcased its internal staff and humanized managed print services, a sector with a traditionally staid image. Genesis salespeople have been able to use this as a tool to set up new business meetings that result in new business.

3- Explain Your Process

Even an aeronautical engineer knew the value of keeping aeronautical engineering simple, stupid. “KISS” was coined by an aeronautical engineer. Kelly Johnson was his name, and his phrase entered the American vernacular in the 1960s after he said it in the Navy. Your company video should lead with KISS. Tell your potential customers how you do business, step by step, from purchase to end result. This will eliminate confusion and let customers know you know how to keep communication flowing. 

The Burn the Boats Approach:

Just how do floor mats get made? (You’ve always wondered, haven’t you?) In this :30 television spot, we showcased some of’s process that allows for the highest standards in the automotive industry.

4- Show Positive Results

Burn the Boats’ on-staff copywriter has a plaque on her desk that says “WIIFM.” It stands for “What’s In It For Me?” and is the driving force behind all solid sales copy. This is why it’s always best to lead with benefits over features. Customers need to know what’s in for them and if the outcome of their choice will be great. Your company video should let customers know what to expect when doing business with you and how other companies fared when they took a chance on you. 

The Burn the Boats Approach: was able to deliver big time for, Stuart Weitzman, and Dale Carnegie.

5- Include a Call to Action

Now that you’ve differentiated your product or service and highlighted its key benefits, introduced your people, explained your process, and showed examples of your best work, it’s time to move your video watchers to “yes.” Tell customers to make a move and make it easy for them to do so. Whether you can offer a consultation, samples, or a chance to buy right then and there, your company video should close on the next step of your sales process. Annotations can be created to drive prospects to a specific landing page that can be tracked and followed up on.

The Burn the Boats Approach:
Tack on annotations to drive traffic directly off of YouTube.

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