Top Factors to Consider for Association Website Redesigns

Associations often have different priorities for their websites than ecommerce or purely informational sites.  Here we take a look at what we consider when deciding how best to serve associations with web development that enhances their specialties and is tailored to their target audiences.

Associations are member-based

One of the most important differences about associations is that they are member-based, so the call to action for any association is always designed to obtain new member registrations, and alert users to the benefits they offer. Most associations are B2B organizations, so the members are other companies rather than individuals. Almost all associations require a member log-in functionality.

Ask: how does this association entice users? recently worked with BAI, Bank Administration Institute, to redevelop the website. BAI offers exclusive private content, advisory articles, inside information, statistics and analyses of industry to members. Other associations might offer private events, discounts, giveaways, or member-tier pricing. Almost all associations will have pages for news and events.

First and foremost, when developing a website for an association, it is important to consider what is important to members. While some associations may have ecommerce stores on-site, this is usually a secondary consideration rather than a priority, while content is king.

Association sites are content heavy

Association websites are often very content heavy. For BAI, the Banking Strategies section of the new site is extremely important. We custom-built this section especially for BAI, to offer members an easy way to search through thousands of articles by professionals in the industry.

Prioritize Organization

Associations want to provide as much information as possible to their members. In these circumstances, developing an organized system is key.

We were very happy to break up the different types of information provides, such as white papers, webinars, and leadership team info into manageable categories and modules.

We’re proud of our experience at providing web design and development to all kinds of businesses and organizations, in all kinds of industries. It’s this experience that has helped us diversify our offerings to cater to every vertical in the marketplace.

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