Growing & Maturing Your Marketing

Most of us can agree that to progress at something you must plan, practice, and persevere. A musician learning how to play an instrument is an accurate example of this. They plan by finding a mentor to help them understand their new instrument. They practice to allow the music to become intertwined into their fingers and mind. And they persevere beyond just practicing but to making their music come alive before an audience.

Likewise when you are working on growing your Digital Marketing into the more mature Experience Marketing stage, there should be a structured progression. To ensure successful growth, it is important to create a foundation using the three pillars described below. For maximum impact and marketing effectiveness, these pillars should form an integrated part of your Experience Marketing platform and must operate in real time.

  • First Pillar
    Align strategic objectives and digital goals. Make sure your marketing works across channels to impact business objectives. Create digital goals that drive strategic business objectives. Each digital goal should be weighted according to its impact on strategic objectives. Marketers can then measure marketing impact, marketing efficiency and relevance to customers across channels.

  • Second Pillar
    Begin building a single view of the customer, so each customer has a meaningful experience at digital touchpoints with the organization. A single view of the customer shows all customer touchpoints and interactions from first anonymous contact through the customer lifetime.

  • Third Pillar
    Use data from the single view to shape each visitor’s real-time experience. Personalize each visitor’s experience to their expectations and in-the-moment needs. Relevant content is delivered where, when, and in the context the visitor needs. As the visitor engages with marketing, the content and channel become more personalized and relevant.

So we now know the foundation for moving from Digital Marketing to Experience Marketing but how do we reach the high note of Brand Marketing? As described in The Business Case for Connected Customer Experiences, the Customer Experience Maturity Model™ gives organizations step-by-step guidance on how to grow from Digital Marketing to Experience Marketing to Brand Experience. This step takes far more than just technology. It takes a combination of people, processes, technology and a sharp focus on the customer. We’ll talk about the details of this model in our next installment.

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