Know Thy Customers’ Stories

Before the rise of the Internet, businesses knew who they were selling their products to. Their pool of potential customers was mainly limited by physical factors and was, most likely, homogenous because of it. Media channels were few and the marketing and selling barriers between company and customer were thin. There was very little story to tell because there was very little real-time data collected.  

Now companies can sell to anyone anywhere at any time, which has led to the complicated challenge of figuring out who your potential customers are, where they live, what they like, etc. A new level of analytic fluency must be mastered in order to build a more complete picture of these customers. More data is needed to help you tell these new, more complex stories.

Data that is alive - that tells a story from start to finish - centers on what you collect and how you analyze it. Sitecore AIDA is marketing performance optimization technology that simultaneously collects, evaluates, manages, and analyzes customer intelligence from patterns, behaviors, and decisions gathered across multiple digital channels. AIDA is not a product, but a framework that identifies actionable insights and analytics to enable marketers to maximize results from their marketing programs.

Not only can you see the larger picture with AIDA, but you’re also able to dive into the detail as well and optimize your campaigns for true performance marketing. Beyond simplistic metrics, Sitecore offers deep insight into exactly how your marketing is contributing to your customers’ unfolding stories. And knowing this will help you find a balance between understanding their existing needs and predicting what they will need next.

Sitecore AIDA measures not only quantity but the quality of each interaction for thorough insight into what’s working and where to improve. Marketing and channel leaders learn exactly where campaigns, channels, and traffic sources are under performing and can make adjustments mid-flight. Where is the marketing mix most effective, which are the best points of quality engagement, and how do different channels compare? These are just a few points of insight marketers have at their fingertips.

Are you ready to learn more about your potential customers? Do you want to know and understand their stories? Let Sitecore AIDA help you market to them effectively. Ask us today about AIDA. 

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