5 Important Blogging Reminders You Might Be Forgetting

Daily blogging will not get you anywhere if you don’t do it right. No matter how exciting your topic appears to be, there are certain tips that you ought to apply in order to connect with readers and make them stay longer on your page.

Yes, it’s all about CONNECTION!

Have you ever wondered why some blog posts seem to attract more people to read from start to finish while others are just good for skimming?

Take note that it’s not enough to have tons of website traffic. Sure, it matters. But what’s more important is to make sure that you’re converting your new visits or leads into actual readers of your blog. You should be able to turn them into hooked readers who will want to keep coming back.

The Captivating Headline

Every article must have a captivating headline that can immediately connect with the target audience. Upon seeing your headline, they should be compelled to read at least the first portion.

Usually, it’s good to include numbers in headlines. You can keep it simple from time to time, and go straight to the point with what the topic is really all about. Make sure that the headline actually captures what will be discussed or what your message is.

Here are a few examples:

  • 7 Easy Ways to Design a Customer-Friendly Lobby
  • The 12 Habits of a Highly Successful Restaurateur
  • 3 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Negativity in Your Life

Every now and then, it’s also great to shock your audience a bit with something that would make them stop and take a second look. Check out these examples…

  • How Not to End Up Bankrupt While Your Friends are Making 7 Figures!
  • Stop Whining and Start Moving Your Butt Toward That Job Promotion
  • 8 Shocking Reasons Why Your Restaurant is Going Downhill

When you know your audience really well, you would know how to tickle their fancy, shock them, catch their attention, and make them nod their heads and think, “Yes, I need that!”

The Spacious White

You’ve probably come across this advice before--- Use More White Space!

Try to look around the blogs today and you’ll find that there are many bloggers and business websites that still don’t follow this recommendation.

When you have more white space, you can make the eyes of your readers focus on what you are saying. This will allow your message to have a greater impact on them. They are likely to stay longer and read more.

Furthermore, having a lot of white space means that there are less elements that could distract them. The words will be easier to read and absorb because of the de-cluttered look. It can also give people the impression that your business is clean, organized, and professional. Thus, you’ll not only have a deeper connection with readers but you will gain their trust and confidence more easily.

The Entertaining Memes

These days, you probably see a lot of entertaining and amusing memes on social media. So why not incorporate them into your blog posts? Doing so will surely seize somebody’s attention quickly and instantly make a connection if that person can relate to the message.

Using memes will also give readers the impression that you have a good sense of humor and that you’re quite human like them. Hence, it makes them feel more at ease with you. They are likely to view you as a friend.

There are plenty of meme makers that you can avail and utilize for free online. So make the most of them!

The Informative Visuals

Apart from memes, it’s still a good idea to make use of infographics. They can help clarify your main points and allow people to gather your message at a glance. What’s more, these visuals are popular for sharing.

When you create infographics, you won’t have to worry about image credits. What’s even better is that if you put your logo and URL on it, they can be spread around too.

Of course it’s always great to integrate videos in blogs too. Have you noticed how videos just keep growing and growing in popularity and effectiveness? Yup, they are getting BIG when it comes to online marketing and mere blogging or sharing of ideas.

You can opt to incorporate your own original videos or even use videos you find on YouTube, as long as you give the proper credit. Then just add your own words about the video.

You may also want to consider starting your own video blog on YouTube, Vimeo, or even on Facebook!

The Unforgettable Stories

Lastly, it’s good to remember how powerful stories can be. Why is it that children become so engrossed and are able to learn better when stories are told to them? Well, this is because the love for stories seems to be ingrained in human nature.

That’s right. Stories will enable you to connect in a snap! Weaving good ones that evoke emotion in your readers and prospective customers will surely be efficient. Make sure that they have the right emotion while telling the message you wish to convey. Also make sure that these stories are planned and organized well so the flow is smooth and natural.

Always come up with an ending that readers will never forget!

You can make up stories to drive your point, or you can share real-life anecdotes from your own experience or from those of others. In your videos and other visuals, you may also employ the power and influence of stories.

With these 5 important blogging reminders, you should be able to get back on track if you’ve been losing your blogging touch. Or if you’re just starting, keep these tips dear to your heart and apply them in every one of your posts so as to make an impact and thus convert visitors to blog fans! 

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