How The New Faces Of Facebook Affect Your Page

How the New Faces of Facebook Affect Your Page

Facebook just released one of their biggest updates in recent years. It’s not a new layout or design, but changes the way users interact with posts. Now, instead of just a thumbs up, you can reply to a comment with a smile, frown, sad face, or heart.

Why would they change such an important touchpoint, you ask? What’s there to be gained by changing the tried and true for fashionable emojiis?

The Answer is Data

“Likes” in a vacuum are a singular data point, but now, with a range of options, more context can be provided to how a user truly feels about a post. The result is ever more accurate configuring of Facebook’s algorithm to better serve your news feed.

Here’s How This Change Affects You

When your company posts an update or video, users will be more able to express displeasure or satisfaction. This change will both help and hurt how your content is distributed. If it is widely liked with the corresponding emojiis, this post will be more likely to reach more of your fans and target audience.

If it is widely voted down, it will be even harder to reach your audience, and will affect future performance of your posts as well.

Ultimately, the only way to truly reach all your fans will be continuing to advertise on Facebook. This advice may have you reaching for the frown button, but fret not, the more granular data this simple change will provide will have exponential returns in delivering more effective content to your target audience. This leads to more sales.

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