A Thousand Tiny Butlers

Amazon.com does it right. They hired a thousand tiny butlers to serve up personalized recommendations that are appear right before your eyes. These minuscule servants work hard trying to anticipate your future wishes and skillfully suggest what to purchase.

Okay, so maybe they really didn’t hire a thousand tiny butlers but they did figure out the undeniable benefits of personalized marketing and how it can dramatically boost their sales. Sitecore understands this too. That’s why they created the capability to integrate personalization into your marketing efforts.

It all starts with user interaction. There are two ways that user information is gathered - implicit and explicit behavior.

  • Implicit behavior is what visitors are doing on your site, such as what type of pages/categories are they looking at, or what site path they follow.
  • Explicit behavior is demonstrated when visitors take action or submit data, like voting in a poll, searching for a specific keyword, or filling out a form.

The value of these interactions is multiplied as users explore your site. Sitecore learns more from each interaction, helping you further personalize each individual user’s experience. You have the ability to respond in real time to changes in customer needs and deliver targeted content. For example, you can implement rules that show personalized content to visitors based on their browsing behavior and their accumulated profile values.

You can also create personalization rules that are based on many different criteria, including goals, campaigns, engagement value points, profile value points, and engagement plans. Your website responds to personalization rules in real-time by showing specific content, by hiding content, or by adjusting the behavior of a component.

Through the power of Sitecore’s personalization capabilities, you can do the work of a thousand tiny butlers without ever leaving your chair. Ask us today how we can keep your users coming back for more while increase your sales.

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Tim has been building, designing, and executing websites since 1999, and joined Americaneagle.com in 2009. His specialties include online e-commerce consulting, web and business marketing, and project management. With technical and creative savvy, Tim is a born entrepreneur & problem-solver. When not staring soulfully at Google Analytics, Tim enjoys roughing it Apple-free in the great outdoors.

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