The Ripple Effect

It is one thing when you make decisions that affect your life. It is another thing when you are making decisions that affect Jane, your better half. The cascade effect of a bad or uninformed decision can sometimes be felt for days, months, or years afterwards. Hopefully you will learn from your mistakes and Jane will be a forgiving soul. But if you are smart about it, you will research and get feedback from others in your situation. You will look for guidance and use the provided wisdom to make the right decision. Your efforts will pay off as your decision-making skills flourish and you grow closer together in your relationship while navigating any bumps in the road.

Like an evolving relationship, as a business owner or manager you will be faced with many marketing decisions as you are constantly challenged with growing your customer base. You will be forced to not see them as a mass but as individuals who have similar interests but distinctive needs. This is where Sitecore AIDA (Analysis/Insight/Decisions/Automation) marketing performance optimization technology can help you make the right decisions. By using the customer insights gained from Sitecore optimization, you will be able to support marketing programs across all possible channels – web, email, social, mobile, commerce, and print.


 There are several ways you can turn those individuals into consumers through Sitecore AIDA.

  • Segmentation - Harness powerful customer segmentation abilities to create smaller, highly specific segments of customers to deliver more tailored experiences to each person.
  • Observation - Simple tools make it easy to have Sitecore observe your visitors' behavior and gather context to provide them with highly personalized content in real time.
  • Customization - Customize each interaction based on context and what you know about your visitor's profile interests, and actions. Progressively personalize the experience as you gather more insight about each individual prospect or customer.
  • Prediction - Use implicit behavior and context such as what types of content customers are consuming — or what paths they take across all of your marketing channels— to predict what interests they may have or what phase of the buying cycle they are in. Then show relevant and compelling content in the moment. When Sitecore recognizes a pattern in a visitor's behavior, it can start to personalize the content to that pattern. If a visitor shifts and starts to resemble another pattern, the content shifts also.
  • Testing - Sitecore makes it easy to try out different kinds of content in different contexts and see the impact. Simulate visits to your website to see how different personas interact with Sitecore marketing features as they navigate through your website and test your digital marketing strategy.

As you can see, the power of Sitecore AIDA is invaluable when it comes to making marketing decisions that affect individuals interested in your product.  Ask us how to build strong consumer relationships and returning business with Sitecore marketing performance optimization technology.

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