Gadget Guide: Will the Light L16 Help Your Marketing Goals?

The keys to social media success hinge on media. Being quick on the trigger, and fast on the post helps distribute content, and make your page come alive. However, with all quality photography, the learning curve and accessibility is always something to overcome. Light aims to change that with the L16.

The size of a large smartphone, and armed with 10 cameras that shoot simultaneously, the L16 uses an editing algorithm to attempt to achieve the perfect shot, every time, without the editing.

The big question is, is it any good? Nobody knows. You can reserve one today, but all we have to see are Light’s own photography, which albeit looks very good.

The tech is fascinating, but time will tell if it will replace a point-and-shoot, or lower DSLR. Our suggestion, at nearly $1700 retail, is spring for a tried-and-true DSLR and use the extra pennies for photography classes.

Whatever you choose, rich media gathering capabilities are important to a solid overall online marketing plan. has years of experience providing engaging media content - contact us today to learn more!

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