The Guessing Game

What if our world was based upon guesses? What if all decisions were made by not really knowing the facts, but by just winging it? For starters, I wouldn’t trust any mode of transportation, whether on the ground or in the air. The reason I feel safe inside a metal cage with wheels barreling down the road or in a metal bird with wings soaring through the air is because someone took the time to test all aspects of their creation. From the age of discovering fire to the current digital age, the reason that most things work correctly and predictably (more or less) is because theories were formulated and assumptions were tested.

Which brings me to the next question - why are companies not testing their marketing? Now I understand it’s not as sexy as crashing a car into a brick wall to test structural integrity, but the principle remains the same. You’ve built your product, put it through numerous trials, and brought it to market. Your prospective customers have been identified and your marketing is in place. Now we just sit back and watch the orders roll in, right? Hmmm…..actually no.

As with anything that has to do with human behavior, fine-tuning and testing your message is a must if you are to make the most of your marketing efforts.

So you talk with your web company and they suggest some tweaks to your site but there is little data to go on. On top of this, the changes will cost you money because they will need to rework some of the pages. You are uncertain if making the changes will accomplish your goals and you wish there was a way to make the changes yourself and test them to see if they truly worked.

One of the best aspects of Sitecore’s AIDA (Analysis/Insight/Decisions/Automation) marketing performance optimization technology is the ability to do website A/B and multivariate testing. This framework allows you to quickly make changes to your site and find out what messages are working. You will receive data that goes beyond clicks and measures how engaged your visitors are, which in turn allows you to hone your marketing and connect with your prospective audience. And you are not limited to just testing pages. You can also test individual page components or even your entire site. Sitecore’s testing capabilities are flexible and easy to use, no coding knowledge required.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts and ask us about Sitecore’s AIDA technology!

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Tim has been building, designing, and executing websites since 1999, and joined in 2009. His specialties include online e-commerce consulting, web and business marketing, and project management. With technical and creative savvy, Tim is a born entrepreneur & problem-solver. When not staring soulfully at Google Analytics, Tim enjoys roughing it Apple-free in the great outdoors.

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