Make Your Content Work: Test It

Content marketing is crucial for providing both brand exposure and sales leads. It needs to be relevant, timely, and provide an adequate return. A pretty tall order for a blog post, isn’t it?

However, there’s a way to evolve your content every time you hit the publish button to gain insights and improve results without a costly redesign and endless meetings. The answer is A/B Testing.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a simple way to test modifications on certain pages of your website against the current design and determine which ones produce positive results. It's a way to validate that any change to an element on one of your web pages is improving your conversion rate. partners with the proven Optimizely platform to scientifically test a variety of changes to your website.

Experience with,, and the has proven A/B testing’s effectiveness to drive conversions and increase the ROI for any website.

Well that’s great, but how does that improve my posts?

You can test anything on your site, period. Sure you can do landing pages, but you can also A/B test page layouts, copy, media placement, and more to drive conversions through your site.

We’ve worked with some of the heaviest analytics-focused brands on the web, and today they are reaping the returns of testing not only static modules on their site like email signup forms and banner placement, but marketing materials and imagery as well.

What should I test?

Test what images do well as a feature image. Maybe that big expansive hero image works, or maybe a more personal close-up, or maybe even a video - A/B testing will find out what works with your audience.
Test how much copy to use. The marketing department wants a wall of text, legal wants certain verbiage, and the boss wants a biography of themselves. Find out what descriptions make customers click, and what turns people off.
Test call to actions. Even if your content is getting great traffic, it may not be driving people through the website. Test different prompts, pop-ups, and offers to get people engaged with your sales funnel.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Contact us today to learn more about how A/B testing can work with your marketing efforts.

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