10 Quick Traffic-Boosting Tips for Your Blog

Gone are the days when mere publishing of content was enough to attract plenty of web users to your blog. These days, with so many businesses fleshing out their own content online, it's a huge challenge to prevent your own traffic from dwindling and eventually getting flushed down the drain.

Yes, many marketers will argue that content remains "king" in online marketing. While content is obviously very important, you need the eyeballs to read this great content! It's essential to know how to adjust and adapt to the fast-changing cyber world in order to capture your target audience and keep them coming back to your website.

To ensure that your blog posts are deemed worthy of reading, and so that you can encourage your audience to actually check out the rest of your website and consider your offers, you may want to try the following traffic-boosting tips:

1. Use a Trending Topic.
What do you think is in demand at the moment? Check out the trending topics on Twitter, BuzzSumo, and Google Trends. You can gather ideas for hot topics that are related or connected to your own niche or area of expertise. Mention your chosen topic in your title and at the start of your blog post. Of course it should naturally be linked with your content.

2. Be Dramatic.
Who says drama doesn't work anymore? Whether it's a controversial picture you place on top of your post that induces great emotion, or it's an intriguing anecdote or dialogue that catches attention, you should provide something unique, different, and eye-catching. Just make sure you use something that appeals to your audience.

3. Go Visual.
It's a known fact that humans are natural visual learners. We love visuals and understand them better. Hence, it's essential to incorporate images, videos, diagrams, and infographics in your posts whenever you can. Of course this does not mean compromising the written content. You have to ensure that your visuals support the text and vice versa.

4. Facilitate Easy Social Shares.
When you visit popular blogs, there are social sharing buttons that appear beside, on top, or at the bottom of every post. These buttons are not distractive at all, but can be of great help to boost your blog traffic. When people see them, they are more likely to want to share your content - especially if it's something they really liked.

5. Comment on Relevant Blogs.
Many e-marketers emphasize relationships when it comes to establishing your online presence and increasing your traffic and conversion rate. Thus, part of it is commenting on blogs related to your niche or those with the same audience as yours. Your comments ought to be relevant and thoughtful. You'll attract that blog's followers and even potentially connect with that blogger, and that could be the start of a great relationship!

6. Respond Thoughtfully to Comments.

At times, you may get comments on your blogs. Make sure that you don't type a response without giving it some thought. Your comments and replies should appear meaningful and relevant while showing that you care about your audience and you appreciate the feedback.  

7. Leverage Quora.
Quora is quickly gaining popularity, and it's now being leveraged by numerous businesses because it’s an ideal venue for to exhibit your expertise and increase your niche authority. You'll get to grow your following here and gain added exposure. More than a million monthly visitors will get to read your thoughts on topics of interest to them. This can then make them curious enough to visit your blog.

8. Connect with Traffic Boosters.
Who are the traffic boosters in your industry? It's important to check out potential bloggers that can help you. Find out which blogs are getting a lot of traffic so you can follow them and establish a connection. Eventually, you can comment on their posts, befriend them on Facebook, and participate in their forums. There are many ways to connect with bloggers who can be great traffic boosters for you.

9. Speed Up Loading Time.
One crucial factor that can make or break your traffic is your blog's loading time. Even though you'd like to go heavy on visuals, you must ensure that your posts don't take very long to load, or this will drive visitors away. Furthermore, Google actually considers loading time when ranking blogs. Hence, you really must speed it up by minimizing plugins, compressing images, and using other helpful software.

10. Include a Call-to-Action.
It’s natural for people to be compelled to act when there is a clear call-to-action at the end of a blog post. Think about it--- what would you want an individual to do after reading your content? You may want him or her to sign up for your newsletter, join your contest, explore the rest of your website, try out a product, or follow you on Twitter. Whatever it is, ask, ask, and ask! You might be surprised with the highly improved conversion of leads.

Traffic can certainly be tricky, especially in today's competitive blogosphere. You must do everything in your power to make your posts stand out and make your readers want more. You must also do your best to provide visitors and leads with an excellent user experience. If your blog is in need of more traffic, apply the above-mentioned tips. They are effective, quick, and easy. 

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