Sales & Use Tax Compliance For Dummies has partnered with Avalara to bring you Sales & Use Tax Compliance For Dummies.

Today's ecommerce sellers can harness the power of the web to meet the demand for online products and services by utilizing's effective ecommerce tools. Calculating sales tax remains a challenge - that’s why we’ve partnered with Avalara, the leading provider of tax compliance automation.

Seamlessly integrated to’s ecommerce platform, Avalara AvaTax dynamically delivers billions of tax decisions and applies them across 10,000+ jurisdictions as transactions take place, without disrupting your existing workflow. Since Avalara AvaTax continuously updates data, accurate sales tax calculations are available immediately within your shopping cart.

To help you understand the constantly changing world of sales and use tax regulation, and your responsibilities for collecting and remitting tax, we encourage you to download our complimentary copy of the Sales & Use Tax Compliance for Dummies e-book.

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