Part 5/5: Report and Repeat

Are you reveling in the afterglow of viral success yet? Well don’t get too comfortable, because now comes the last and most important piece of the process – reporting on your video launch.


For future success and attaining the elusive executive buy-in, social media must be recurring. It’s crucial to report on your metrics to continually keep these activities at the forefront of the next budget meeting. Luckily, cold, hard numbers do just that.

Investigate the Win, Engineer Future Success.

Even if your video went off without a hitch, maybe there are adjustments to be made that could increase success in the future. Video content shouldn’t live in a vacuum, it must be well positioned on a site and inside a marketing plan. By peering into analytics, you can see if viewers weren’t clicking through, leaving a landing page, or not submitting an email.

With this information, the next time you create a video you have the opportunity to make strategic changes such as A/B Testing pages, or to do more SEO work to increase conversions instead of just views.

Make Adjustments.

Maybe your video wasn’t a rollicking success. Now’s the time to investigate and identify where the problem was.  Here are a few areas where your video may have missed the mark.

•    Tone/content did not engage target audience
•    Timelines were too short
•    Budget was too small

Good or bad, reviewing your content analytics makes future success that much bigger and better. We hope you enjoyed our initial content series.


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