Part 4/5: Show Me the Leads

Likes don’t keep the lights on. For as viral and successful as your video may be, you’d be remiss if you’re not crafting content to make sales.

In this installment of our content series, we’ll be providing a roadmap and some ideas on how you can garner the highest return on your video investment.

Set Goals

The first step of success on social media is setting a clear marker for what that success should look like - how very Yoda-like! Let me elaborate.

Setting and then tracking goals and KPI’s shows if your content is making an impact, resonating with customers, and more importantly, helping the business. The most important part is to clearly communicate these goals to management and agree upon the metrics.

An instant, huge increase in sales isn’t a reasonable goal. It’s rare that one video will be that impactful. However, increasing product page engagement by 15% is a reasonable goal. You have to remember the big picture and realize that all of your efforts overall should ultimately increase the bottom line, but typically each one individually won’t greatly move the sales needle.

Additionally, some of these metrics don’t necessarily have to be sales related either – as in the case of an association.

Some examples of goals are:

•    Increase mailing list by 20%
•    Raise mentions on Twitter by 150%
•    Increase homepage traffic by 50%
•    Increase time spent on product page by 10%
•    Increase signup form submissions by 5%
•    Garner 15,000 signatures on a petition
•    Achieve 5,000 newsletter downloads
•    Increase brand search terms by 20%

Reel Customers In

With a goal set, it’s now time to act on meeting them. The strategies of video optimization change, but you’ll want a mixture of “off” content and “on” content links, prompts, and markers to drive a customer into taking action during, before, or after the video.

On video specifically, the CTR (Click-Through Rate) can be from 5% on desktop to over 11% on mobile.  

Here are four steps to cultivate clicks.

1.    Fill out your SEO fields correctly on the video itself so it is easily searchable.
2.    Place Calls to Action both in and outside of the video. Some examples:
a.    “Click now for 20% off.”
b.    “Looks easy, right? See what happened on the first take.”
c.    “More tips for increasing web traffic here.”
3.    Drive viewers to a specific part of the website. Don’t leave them hanging on the homepage. If viewers are clicking from a video, place them right to the destination you want them to go.
4.    Provide value and make sure a viewer leaves a video wanting to come back to your site.
a.    Ask them to provide their feedback using a hashtag.
b.    Prompt for an email address with an offer.
c.    Offer to send them something for free.

With the video up, live, and optimized, and goals set, you’re in the home stretch for content success.

On the next installment we’ll talk about reporting and planning for your next production.

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