Part 3/5: Where to Post and Why

You’ve scheduled it, made it, and now your video is ready to go. The big question remains, “Where do you post it?” The answer, it depends.
Here’s a brief guide on how to get the most mileage and response from your video content.

Which Page?

Vimeo: High quality posting capabilities, niche community consisting of creatives and tumblr friends. Have a polished production piece? Post your epic slow-mo production here. Not the best place to “go viral” or post your handi-cam footage of a company party.

YouTube: Everyone from your children to your grandparents to your great aunt Sue post to YouTube. The upside is it has far more traffic than anyone else. The downside is there is much more competition. If you plan on posting frequently, and you’re aiming for bigger traffic numbers to a wider audience, YouTube is perfect!

Facebook: As we discussed in Part 1, Facebook is a huge avenue to give videos a second wind and reach more people.  Get more mileage out of video posts by scheduling teasers, themed video posts, and even discussion topics around them. Get your fans involved with the video, don’t just ask them to watch it.

Your Website: Embed your video from YouTube or Vimeo onto your website. The benefit is two-fold as viewers don’t have to leave your site to see the video, and your web page receives a subtle SEO bump for mixing up content. Like Facebook, you can create banners, blog posts, and additional content around video releases to get more view traction.

RE-re-re-re mix

Slice and dice your video content for maximum usage. 15 second bursts can be used for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and embedded in blogs. Gifs can be used on Tumblr, blog posts, and in emails.

Additionally, there are editorial opportunities with behind-the-scenes footage, outtakes, and discussion topics with your fans.

There’s a limit to how many times you can post a video before fans are burned out, but you can keep interest high by getting creative.

Videos are like Thanksgiving dinners, the first round brings everyone to the table, and the leftovers are the best part.

Now that you know where to post it, next time we’ll be talking about driving traffic and sales from your videos.

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