Mobile Marketing: 8 Helpful Tips to Boost Your Business

With the emergence of smartphones and electronic tablets, more people than ever are using these mobile devices to access the web, check their emails, browse and post on social media platforms, and purchase products and services.

Mobile marketing is rising and growing fast. No matter how big or established you believe your business or agency to be, you can't miss out on this new trend. You have to get out there and start making the most of mobile marketing for your business.

1.    Use a Responsive Design.

These days, a website that doesn't come with a responsive design may not be as effective. If your site doesn't look appealing when opened on a mobile phone, the visitor might just head over to your competitor. If the elements in your site get jumbled when viewed on a tablet, your prospective customers may get turned off.

A responsive design is important because it can help you reach out to more people, especially now that so many  consumers use their mobile devices for web surfing and other Internet-related activities.

2.    Make Your Mobile Site Easy to Navigate.

Easy navigation is of utmost importance because mobile devices have smaller screens than the average computer or laptop. You ought to limit the navigational tabs. Make use of fonts that are easy to decipher and read. Avoid throwing in too many elements in the design. What's more, the layout should be planned well so that all the important areas of your pages are visible on a mobile device screen.

3.    Include Easily Clickable Call-to-Action Buttons.

Your attractive landing page should definitely come with an easily clickable call-to-action button. This means that the button should be visible and easy to tap on with the average person's thumb size. According to an article in Smashing Magazine , the ideal size for this button should be 44 to 57 pixels.

4.    Come Up With Free Downloadable Apps.

According to WordStream, app usage makes up 80% of total mobile device time. A lot of people turn to their mobile phones to read books, play games, organize their tasks, complete banking transactions, go shopping, and more. All these are possible because of apps.

If you run a big burger chain, you can come up with an app that can be utilized for food delivery. If you're in the banking business, you ought to launch an app not just for mobile banking but also for sample computations of loans. Now what if you're a government agency? You can actually release a game app to promote your newest campaign! Be creative and  know your target audience well, so your app can appeal to them and serve its purpose.

5.    Time Your Social Media Posts Suitably.

Naturally, social media is big on mobile devices. Teens and adults alike, and even kids, constantly check their phones for Facebook notifications and Twitter updates. They like to go online shopping on Instagram and gather ideas from Pinterest.

It's not enough for you to post relevant tips, inspiring quotes, and other interesting things on your social media accounts. You should also time your posts suitably. It entails market research to discover the ideal time of the day to post on social media platforms so that they can quickly be seen by your target market.

6.    Insert Your Phone Number in Adwords Ads.

Do you know that you can actually incorporate your phone number in your Adwords ads? Yes, it's possible! This is one effective way for you to provide better customer service as well as increase leads and profits.

Mobile users can easily call up the number to make reservations in restaurants and hotels, order products, make inquiries, report a concern, and more. In this manner, you'll easily be reachable. It's also a good way to express to your audience that you truly care for them.

7.    Write and Send Easy-to-Read Emails.

Because most people now check and read their emails via  smartphones and tablets, you should take advantage of this behavior. Write and send easy-to-read emails to your list of subscribers as well as your prospective and existing customers. This way, they can absorb your message well even if they are in a hurry.

Aside from text, you can opt for infographics or photos that convey your message or offer in one glance. You get to combine the power of email marketing and mobile marketing.

8.    Utilize Coupons for Your Business Promos.

According to recent studies, coupons are likely to grow more popular in the coming years. More and more people are buying and using these coupons through mobile means. Come up with your own business coupons to offer exclusive deals, special discounts, and more to potential customers. You can use such to promote new products and services and to increase awareness about your brand.

With these 8 mobile marketing tips, you're bound to make waves in ecommerce. If you feel as if you've been stuck in a rut lately, here's your chance to catch up with the competition and to prove that your business is worth something. This will allow you to grow in many ways while also building greater rapport, developing and maintaining good relationships with current customers, and increasing customer satisfaction and happiness.

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