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When we develop new sites or new functionality for clients, it goes through our Quality Assurance department for testing. This team keeps a current set of browsers handy so they can go down the list quickly. Unfortunately, this list is constantly changing as software companies come out with new versions of their browser. The list is comprised of various popular internet browsers and mobile devices.

Here is the current list as of June 2015:


The latest Firefox
The latest Chrome
IE10 and 11
The latest Safari
The latest Firefox
The latest Chrome
Iphone 5 – Safari, Chrome
Iphone 6 – Safari, Chrome
Ipad (IOS8) – Safari, Chrome

Android phone (Kit-Kat) - Native Browser, Chrome, Firefox
Android phone (Lolipop) - Chrome, Firefox (there is no longer a native browser)
Android Tablet (Kit-Kat) - Native Browser, Chrome, Firefox

Our QA team looks at the popular browsers because it will convey how the public will see your site. You can also find the current browser list specific for your site by going into Google Analytics to the Audience > Technology > Browser & OS section.
Did you know that Chrome is the leading browser globally so far in 2015 according to

This graph tells us that Chrome is the most popular browser used, and a majority of the users operate version 42. What I found interesting is that, according to Wikipedia, version 42 is discontinued and that the release dates of these versions are virtually every 1-2 months. Software companies release so often not only to make money but to compete with others in the market. It’s the cold hard truth, but as a web development company we try to ease the blow.

Did you know that Chrome and Firefox are considered modern browsers? Modern browsers have quickly taken over the market because of the dynamic webpages being produced that need to handle massive amounts of code running behind-the-scenes.

Browser issues come into play for our clients when new browsers have implemented updates or patches. We don’t have access to these changes until they come out, and sometimes these changes can affect custom functionality for different people in different ways.

Here are two recommendations to keeping up with the trends:

1.Have someone within your company that knows how your website works perform routine tests on your site. They will want to focus on new functionality recently added and anything that is business critical. Also, these actions should be taken every few months, on the popular desktop browsers and mobile devices.

2.Always update your browser to the latest version if it’s not done automatically. When you have an older browser, it can expose you to security flaws that make you more susceptible to viruses.

In conclusion, by having the latest browser and testing your site frequently gives your customers the best experience they can possibly have.

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