Invisible Customer Service

Did you ever go into one of those big box stores and try to find something on your own? Then when you are about to give up, you see someone with a name badge on. Ah ha, you think. Now I'll find what I am looking for. After explaining things to them, they tell you that they are not sure if they have it but they will call in some backup to help with the search. So you wait. The second person arrives and takes you to the location where they think it might be and voila, it's there but not in the right color, size, style, etc. You end up leaving pretty frustrated with the whole experience and no product in your hand.

Now take this experience and translate it into how your potential customers are flowing through your website, social media channels, and other digital systems. Do you know what they might be looking for? Can you help them find exactly what they want and purchase it with the least amount of hassle? One of the best things about the Sitecore Experience Profile is that it helps you help your customers. In a way, it is invisible customer service.

Since you can't personally talk with every potential customer that visits your website, signs up for your newsletter, etc., the next best thing is to allow the Sitecore Experience Profile to quietly gather interaction information and deliver personalized experiences to each person across all channels.

By building common profiles within the system, you can predict the most likely pathway a potential customer will take and engage them accordingly. You can also see where they may be dropping out of the pipeline and move to fix the leaks. The Sitecore Experience Profile takes you beyond Google Analytics and translates data into real definitive actions. Find success by being able to conduct list segmentation of potential customers and give them a reason to continue to be engaged with your company. An advanced version of this would include the integration of the Sitecore Experience Profile into your company's Customer Relationship Management system in order to communicate to your sales team, customer service team, and have both online and offline methods of updating a customer record tied together. This provides the ability to connect data points that previously weren't easily connected to track the full 360° profile of an individual's interactions with your organization.

In addition to the Sitecore Experience Profile, the Sitecore Experience Database builds a single database, allowing you to review group or individual data. It scales to accommodate your customer data with no storage limits. Your sales and marketing team members can all access the same data at the same time in real time.

So lets imagine that big box store interaction again through the lens of using the Sitecore Experience Profile. You arrive at the store and are immediately greeted by name at the door and taken directly to what you are looking for. The store has the right product on hand with available knowledgeable sales staff to help you with any questions. You are directed to the nearest checkout and you are able to seamlessly purchase the item. You walk out happy from a positive interaction that makes your day just a little bit brighter. Isn't that what your potential customers want?

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