Content Marketing in 2015: 6 Important Tips to Give You the Edge

With the increasing competition in e-commerce, utilizing online marketing and continually educating yourself on the latest trends has become essential.

The good news: experts have already given their recommendations. The bad news: only a small percentage of companies practice these marketing tips or are able to fully use them. What's great about this, though, is the fact that you can be different in order to have an edge over your competitors. You can maximize your potential and zoom to the top in the process.

Do you know that content marketing is strong, vibrant, effective, and growing? Focus on the tips below in order to revolutionize your own content and ensure optimal growth and development of your business. Profits are sure to increase!

Tip #1: Go Social
It's not just the digital age now, but it's actually the social media age! You can tell this simply by asking your friends how many of them go on Facebook or Twitter every day and how many hours they spend browsing through various social media networks.

These days, it's super easy to get in touch with people you went to school with many years ago and those you haven't seen for ages. It can be done through social media. What's more, even without turning on the TV or radio to get updates on breaking news, you still get the latest when you scroll down your FB newsfeed or via the trending topics on Twitter.

Going social should be top priority for all businesses today. It's a way for your organization to easily reach out to tons of potential customers, build credibility, spread useful information, and establish positive relationships with customers.

Tip #2: Go Visual
Not only should you make good use of the top social media platforms today, but it's also essential to go visual when it comes to content marketing. Indeed you'll discover more and more businesses posting and utilizing interesting photos, relevant infographics, and eye-catching videos.

Let's say you are selling skincare products. Rather than explaining the newest technology through mere words, it's best to have a professional come up with a video that incorporates modern animation and graphics along with voice over narration and actual testimonials and interviews.

Tip #3: Focus on Value
You've probably heard this tip for the millionth time! But then again, are you actually applying this tip in your content marketing?

You must learn to not just post everything you want or feel like. It's not about the quantity of your content, but the quality. You ought to provide helpful, significant information based on what your target audience needs and wants. And instead of bombarding them with sales pitches and product info, it's much better to give practical tips, related quotes and news, and the like. Surely they will be more moved and captured.

Make use of your social media accounts, your website and blog, and other online tools to impart valuable content to prospective clients.

Tip #4: Learn to Repurpose
It's definitely understandable, especially for small businesses and startups, to lack the resources to maintain social media accounts, update everything every day, and come up with new content regularly. Hence, you ought to learn how to repurpose.

Repurposing means making use of the existing good content that you have to use in other marketing of your organization. For example, you can put together a couple of your blog posts to come up with an e-book. You can also dissect your current guide or article into meaningful tweets or FB statuses. Another example is utilizing the research and statistics you've gathered in the past for an article or video or to create an infographic.

Not everyone may have been able to read that article you wrote last week. And among those who did, perhaps only a handful captured the message or absorbed the information. Maybe some of them would be able to appreciate an infographic or video more.

Tip #5: Practice Market Segmentation
As mentioned at the start of this article, e-commerce is constantly evolving. Online businesses are popping up everywhere, every minute of each day.

So that you can enjoy more efficient content marketing in this situation, you need to practice market segmentation. Rather than aiming for a wider audience, make sure to come up with different marketing campaigns for different segments of your target market.

How do you go about it?

One tip to apply is to use long-tail keywords within your content. In these keywords, you can include particular audiences or localities. For instance, use "jewelry for teens in New York" or "New York diamond necklaces" to be more specific. Doing this can lead you to specific types of customers who are actually looking for such items.

Another tip is to contact local businesses in a particular area and hold promos and events. You can tap local print media and local communities as well.

Tip #6: Apply A/B Split Testing
You must have heard already of A/B split testing, which is a popular practice among web masters and online marketers. If you're not yet using this or you haven't employed it much up to now, it's about time for you to look into it again.

What's great is that there is now modern software that make this testing easier to apply and monitor. This year, make it a point to test everything by changing various factors such as your titles and call-to-action buttons. You can then determine which combinations work best to boost your traffic and conversion rates.

Make your content marketing remarkable and effective by following the given tips above. This year can be a breakthrough year for you!

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