Successful First “Dates” With Your Customers

Okay, don’t screw this up. I really like her. I want to get to know her better but I don’t want to rush it. Go slow or she’ll think I’m crazy. Remember to breathe. Breathe? Oh no, does my breath smell good? Am I talking too much? Help!

Your palms are sweaty. You’re nervous. Now that you’ve got the first date with the lovely, bespectacled Jane, what will you say? As a business, you are acutely aware that a customer’s initial impression is the most important one. Like any first date, the last thing you want is an awkward and uncomfortable experience. Thank goodness you invested in Sitecore’s Experience Marketing Platform and can move strategically forward in your courtship with Jane.

While your competitors are marketing to all their prospective customers the same way over and over again, you are wining and dining Jane. You are finding out what she likes and doesn’t like. With each date, it becomes easier and easier to relate to her and build the trust necessary to make her experience with you better and better with each interaction.

So how does Sitecore’s Experience Marketing help you with getting to know Jane better? Here are some of the key ways:

  • Online Behavior Tracking - Personalization begins with listening. By following the online behavior of your potential customer, you are listening intently to their wants and needs.
  • Data Integration - Learn the full picture. Your customers communicate in so many ways, both online and offline. It is crucial that you bring all your data together in one place in order to understand them fully.
  • Persona Profiling - By segmenting your contacts into personas, you can work towards effective personalization. These personas also help with predicting future behavior and planning accordingly.

Sitecore’s Experience Marketing platform builds positive one-on-one relationships with Jane and all your potential customers, making personalized marketing easy and effective. Isn’t it time you moved beyond that awkward first date and found true romance? Ask us how we can help your customers fall in love with your business again and again.

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