Landing Page Videos: Do They Really Help Increase Your Conversion Rate?

You've probably come across several online landing pages in which you were greeted with a video. According to studies, websites with introductory videos are able to attract more visitors. However, it doesn't follow that having a video will actually increase your conversion rate.

But don't worry just yet. Here's the good news--- there's a greater chance that landing page videos can boost conversion, as long as you go about it right.

The Rationale Behind the Effectiveness of Videos

There are many reasons why videos are deemed more effective in transforming visitors into actual customers or perhaps even just subscribers in the beginning. So long as your video is done right, it will definitely increase both traffic and conversion.

Because people often think in terms of images and experience life as if it's a movie, videos appeal to many and are also considered more engaging. They are easily relatable and can be understood better too.

What's more, a lot of individuals these days prefer to watch something rather than read information. And when they get started on a video, it's more likely that they will stay longer on your landing page, thus possibly deepening their interest and allowing your message to sink in more.

Moreover, it's essential to take note that experts recommend incorporating yourself or some other representative of the company in the video in order to enhance the trust factor and enable viewers to believe in your brand or business.

You may also want to use the same video for SEO purposes, such as when you post it in your social media accounts or on YouTube. Particular keywords may enable your website or landing page to show up higher in search results when it is accompanied by a video which you reuse online.

Taking all these into account, there's no doubt that landing page videos have a huge potential to increase your conversion rate.

Tips on How to Make the Most of Landing Page Videos

Yes, these videos can certainly be engaging, informative, and influential. When you place one on your website's landing page, you're already equipped with an added weapon that's deemed strong and potentially efficient.

Nevertheless, it's up to you to craft the images and weave the story that will capture the interest of your target audience and make them respond as you want them to.

Take a look at the following tips on how to make the most of your landing page video:

•    Know your audience.
Naturally, before you can craft your video properly, you will have to get to know your target audience. This is where market studies come in. This is why it's important to familiarize yourself with what your audience likes, how they think, what they need, etc. From this data, you can come up with the best plan for your video content while also making sure to convey your desired message through this medium.

•    Create a story.
All marketing specialists would probably agree that it's innate in people to love stories, to learn well and retain information better through stories, and to share material and experiences through stories. For this reason, it would be more helpful for you to create your own story through the video. Write a script or hire someone to do it for you. From there, you can figure out the flow of the images and how the story can be told more effectively.

•    Plan well.
Once you've finalized your script, you can start to plan for the video production. Will you be needing actors? Are you going to have a voice over? What kind of editing will be necessary to boost the quality of your video? Remember that a well-planned video will show in the outcome or final product. When it's carried out wonderfully, the results can be remarkable and will give the impression that your brand is of high quality and trustworthy.

•    Incorporate directional cues.
Let's say you want visitors or viewers to enter their email addresses in the space below the video. You ought to add directional cues, such as an animated arrow pointing to the space or having an actual person in the video point to it. Accompanying text and narration with these cues will give that added push to encourage people to follow.  

•    Insert a call-to-action.
"Ask and you shall receive"--- this applies in all of your marketing tools. What would you like your prospective customers to do? Be clear about it! No matter how moving or impressive your video is, you might miss out on the opportunity to convert viewers if you don't place a call-to-action. At the end of the video, you may ask them to sign up for your newsletter, join the online community, or the like.

•    Pick a good thumbnail.
You may have a good video, but if the thumbnail is not appealing or it doesn't provide an interesting teaser, people may not click on the play button at all. The still picture that represents the video should capture the overall message of the video nicely. Although it's just a symbol, it will count a lot as to whether a first-time visitor would be encouraged to watch the actual video or not.

With these helpful tips, surely you'll be able to make the most of your landing page videos. After all, the video will not be able to serve its purpose if it doesn't increase your conversion rate even the slightest bit. Make every effort of making this video worth it. This can be done with thorough planning and careful implementation of the plans.

Video marketing is extremely powerful. Use it to your advantage. Without a doubt, it can make your landing page valuable to your target audience, effective in delivering your message, and capable of converting visitors.

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