Video Marketing:The future of engagement marketing

Marketing has come a long way. It used to be so simple; engage your audience by having a great website with content sprinkled in. Now, with 70% of the buyer’s journey self directed the power has shifted to the consumer. Many organizations are hyper aware of this shift and are taking a ‘content is king’ mentality. As marketers, how do we align our efforts to our consumers needs?

The answer is simple, video. It’s the most effective way to communicate on a personal level to your audience - anytime, anywhere.

The stats don’t lie. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video (Exact Target) and landing pages with video can increase conversions by 80% (Brightcove, Video Moves Business). Just by including video in your email communication, you have the potential to decrease opt out rates. One company found that adding video to their nurture communication decreased unsubscribe rates by 75% (VideoBrewery)!

Whether you’re just getting started with video or already using it, video should be integrated into your entire marketing strategy. Brightcove, the leading solution for video marketing, created A Hero's Guide to Video Marketing to help you become a video marketing hero at your organization. It lays out the tools every successful video marketer needs with the Video Marketing Hero’s Utility Belt. Here’s a peek at the 6 gadgets the belt contains:

  • Brand & Voice: Without a consistent brand, identity and voice, marketing efforts become disjointed and disorganized
  • Distribution: Marketers have a responsibility to distribute content to a target audience to drive interest and engagement; video content is no exception
  • Discovery: Marketers need to provide ways for target audiences to discover them, and video can help with just that
  • Portals: These are a great way for marketers to have a central place to showcase content while also making it easy for your audience to discover it
  • Marketing Automation: This can be an incredibly powerful tool to engage your prospects and customers in real-time with relevant content
  • Analytics: If you can’t measure it, you can’t understand it, improve upon it and achieve better results

At Brightcove we believe video is the most engaging form of content. Video moves business by powering the customer journey with video marketing. Get your guide today & you’ll have all the gadgets needed to see the full potential of your marketing channels.

This blog post was written by Samantha Madden, Lead Generation & Campaign Manager for Brightcove.

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