Wanted: Fortune Teller, Crystal Ball Not Required

What if you had the ability to predict the actions of your customers, so much so that you felt like a fortune teller? You could finely hone your marketing campaigns and bring more sales leads to fruition so often that it would seem like magic. In this age of the customer, many companies are wondering how they can make the most of the data that is available to them to do just that.

In a previous article we’ve talked about why it is important to understand your individual customers and to forgo marketing to the masses. Now let’s talk about how you can go about creating the individualized experiences your customers expect in order to build the necessary relationships to grow your business. This includes predicting customer behavior that will in turn highlight your most effective pathways to profit.

Many businesses don’t have the marketing department necessary to track and create these individual experiences, much less predict customer behavior. The data is available but your ability to capture, centralize, and effectively use it can be very limited. That is until you find the right tool to help you, like Sitefinity’s Digital Experience Cloud (DEC). Sitefinity’s DEC is a unified marketing and sales data command center that enables companies to drive growth by understanding and optimizing every customer’s journey.

Within Sitefinity’s DEC, you can:

  • Capture every customer interaction such as comments created, files downloaded, form submissions, forum activity, email campaign subscriptions, pages visited, videos played, social shares, user data (logins, accounts, etc.), browser and device data, and referrer tracking
  • Improve the individual customer experience by identifying individual behavior patterns
  • Build long-term customer relationships by creating buyer personas to help personalize your messages
  • Integrate different channel interactions into one framework
  • Create a complete customer profile that will help your marketing team with the bigger picture and your sales team with individual insights
  • Quantify your marketing programs and activities according to their impact on high-level goals
  • Easily figure out which marketing campaigns worked and which didn’t
  • Segment behavioral patterns and single out the most promising leads
  • Find hidden marketing potential and optimize your conversion rates so you can focus on the activities and programs that carry the most impact
  • Validate current performance and conversion rates against conversion rates the system predicts

Sitefinity’s DEC will provide specific recommendations based on past behavior to optimize your customer relationships. It takes the guesswork out of what to do next, who to market to, how to market them, and what you can expect in results. It is quite amazing what their predictive analytics can do - like find hidden marketing potential or tailor an individual experience to increase their conversion potential.

Be a step ahead of your competitors and gain deeper insights from your customers’ data. Talk with us today about how we can help you develop your own fortune telling powers and see into the future with Sitefinity’s Digital Experience Cloud.

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