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Part of our role as a leading website design and development company is to be proactive and keep up to date on the latest online developments, especially if they impact our customers. One item that recently became a hot topic in the online world is the Google algorithm changes that were implemented yesterday. Check out the business insider article here.
Google is always making improvements and tweaks to their search algorithm, which can sometimes be a headache for site owners. The good news is we are here to help you navigate this ever-changing market.

Because of this change, it’s important to check your site to confirm it is mobile friendly. Part of their criteria in making this decision is to see if you offer large text, friendly links, and if your design resizes to fit most screens. If this is the case, your rank is elevated. If not, it is demoted.

Google’s change could affect any site, but it is projected to mostly impact ecommerce sites. If you make no changes and your site isn’t mobile friendly, then your Google rankings will decrease. This obviously isn’t helpful to your sales!

Some important notes:

• This does not affect desktop or tablet rankings; only searches from mobile devices. More customers are using mobile devices so they are trying to ensure a better user experience by making this change.

• This affects page rankings only, not the site ranking.

• If your traffic is steady over the next few weeks, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are safe from this change.

Google has built a mobile-friendly test site that will do the analysis for free. If your mobile page passes, no action is needed. If your mobile page fails, then it is likely we need to make changes to your site and rerun the test until it does pass.

If you are concerned about your site’s mobile friendliness or have any questions, contact your account manager or your site strategist. We are happy to look into this for you so you aren’t affected.


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