Is Content King?

You blog. You tweet. You post. You pin. You upload. Checking off all the boxes of your daily checklist, you shotgun online content like it’s going out of style. You obsess over analytic numbers, checking likes, views, and shares on a frequent basis. But as you may have discovered, having high analytic numbers does not mean that your product is selling like hotcakes.

And after a while it becomes evident that the noise and saturation of your content is too much for potential customers. I would even suggest that as the amount and reach of your online content expands, the resulting impact of it diminishes. As content becomes the latest fall guy for not increasing your profits, it becomes crucial to examine why you are creating content.

You Need A Kingdom, Not A King

Your kingdom consists of your overall vision, your long view. Without a strategic marketing plan and attainable goals in place to accomplish this vision, your online content is just words, sounds, and moving pictures.

Don’t get me wrong, content is important but combining it with a strategic plan makes it powerful. For example, one way of combining great content and strategic planning might be to create a funny video of how your product improved a customer’s life. Awareness of your product is not only created but is naturally spread throughout the online ecosphere as people share it.

While planning, it would also be wise to invest some time into finding out more about your customers’ online habits in order to make your content more effective. What platforms do they use? How do they consume content? Studies have shown that there can be a vast difference between generations.

My advice to you is to slow down and build your kingdom. Remember that even in this sometime frantic digital age, people are still people with the same basic needs, wants, and desires. Keep that in mind as you plan your future marketing strategy.

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