Unlocking Shopper Behavior & Boosting Your Cart Conversions

You’ve built your ecommerce site with carefully selected products, tested it, launched it, and seen a modest amount of sales. You can see from your normal analytics report that there is traffic flowing to your site but a disconnect is happening between page views and actual purchases. You need deeper insights into the minds of your customers in order to tweak your site and increase your sales.

Thankfully Google has got you covered with their new Enhanced Ecommerce reporting. Across both desktop and mobile platforms, it provides rich insights into your customers’ purchase paths and can help you answer such questions as:

  • Which products are they viewing the most/the least?
  • When are they adding products to their carts?
  • At what point do they initiate the checkout process?
  • How many are completing their purchases?
  • How many are abandoning their carts?
  • And more importantly, who is falling out of the shopping funnel and why?

Make Your Product Listings More Effective

Product lists represent a logical grouping of products on your site based on your ec.js tagging. With the Product List Performance report, you can now measure how effectively your product lists move merchandise. This report includes data on catalog and search results pages, related products merchandising blocks, cross sell blocks, and upsell blocks. You will be able to see which product lists appeared to customers, which products appeared in those lists, and click-through views and rates for each list.

The Ah Ha Moment

Google’s Shopper Analysis report allows you to gain invaluable, up to the moment, clear insight and understanding into the nitty gritty details of consumer behavior. With this report, customer product engagement, viewing, cart initiations, abandonments, payment methods, and transaction completions are no longer a mystery. Remarketing campaigns will become your go to tool as you work to capture any lost sales.

Over time you will be able to identify patterns and segment your customers according to their interactions with your products. This type of long term analysis can be very beneficial in determining your company’s future product offerings and strategy. It will also help you figure out what is working in regards to internal & external promotions and marketing. You will be able to immediately see an impact and adjust accordingly.

Even small tweaks to your site can have a positive impact on your sales. Ask us today about adding Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce reports to your current analytics and get more tips on how to use the reports to boost the performance of your site.

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