Best Practices for Digital Experience Management

Digital experience management is the collection of processes and technology used to provide a consistent experience to customers across all channels. These channels may consist of email, social, web, mobile, and video.

The Basics
The very basis for customer interaction across all channels should include marketing messages and content that is:

  • clear,
  • consistent,
  • and relevant.

When planning your digital experience strategy, work from the outside in. Look at your message and content from your customer’s eyes. Often times, because we are so close to the subject matter, we overlook what might be a confusing or disconnected experience.

Marketing To Our Digital Selves
More sophisticated users expect a relevant experience when they interact with your content as well as some type of personalization. Remember that you are building a relationship with your customer. Gone are the days of someone looking online and finding only one widget choice. Now there are thousands of widgets to choose from. How will you stand out and why should a customer trust you?

How much personalization is recommended when working with individual consumers vs. larger corporations? That depends on the desired end result. Were you looking to generate leads or just increase the buzz for a particular product? Customizing the supportive efforts of your chosen platforms will increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

Data Here & Data There
Gaining access to a consumer’s behavioral aspects can take time as you build trust with them. But without them you will be unable to quickly adjust content to meet the expectations of your individual customers. So where to start?

  • What data do you already have?
  • What data are you missing?
  • What technology do you have in place to harvest data?

The answers to these questions will help you plan your interaction pathways and obtain a clearer picture of your customers.

Lastly, Analyze
All of this is for naught without analyzing the success of your customer’s digital experience. Was it seamless? At what point did you lose a customer’s interest? Was there too much personalization?

Improve conversions with A/B Testing

Optimizing content delivery

As technology grows, it can be overwhelming to step into the ring of personalization. Start small in your objectives and build upon them.

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