5 Tips for Facebook Fan Page Posting

Because of the prevailing popularity and usability of Facebook among various age groups, it's no wonder this engaging platform has successfully continued to dominate the social media sphere and has become a necessity for online marketing. 

Many businesses today spend a good deal of time developing their Facebook fan pages in order to expand their reach, strengthen their branding, introduce new products, engage customers, and more. It's not as simple as just posting pictures and daily status updates that you think would interest your target audience while at the same time promoting your products and services. Random posting without careful knowledge of the market, proper research, and the use of effective strategies will not get you anywhere. 

So rather than waste your time posting random thoughts whenever you feel like it, we're making it much easier for you. Below are some tips for Facebook fan page posting that will absolutely and positively help your business move forward. 

The Right Timing
You need to take Facebook fan page posting for your business seriously. This means not simply posting whenever you happen to have free time. You have to consider it as a major marketing project that you must plan for and implement properly. 

In doing this, it's pertinent to follow research results that prove how much more effective and engaging posts are when they've got the right timing. For instance, it's always good to post to Facebook when people are most available, such as at night time when they are typically resting or lounging around or early in the morning for those who are relaxing in the office before starting work for the day. 

Furthermore, several studies show that businesses that post two to three times a day are more successful with their Facebook marketing initiatives than those with less frequent posts.  

Interactive Fun
Facebook has always been meant to be two-way. It's an interactive platform, so maximize the related features to get to know your customers and to let them get to know you better as well. Make friends with them and interact the way you do with your personal account and with your actual circle of friends outside of your business. You'll see how they will appreciate this, trust you, and become more likely to buy from you when ready. 

Post images and videos that you believe will draw reactions and comments or compel people to share your content. Also try to come up with questions that would encourage your fans to publish a response. What's more, you ought to check out their posts too, and like and/or comment when you can.

Dazzling Discounts
Who doesn't love discounts, sales, and promos? People who are your fans on Facebook are already interested in the nature of your business and in the kind of products and services you offer. One thing that could certainly drive them to become paying customers is exclusive and limited discounts. Even freebies, if you can give them, may be effective. 

If you have promotional materials for special sales, discounts, and promos on your website, you can share the link on your Facebook page. You can also come up with "exclusive for Facebook" promotions and good "one day" sales or events! How about free items for those who share your content or perhaps discounts for customers who tag their friends in your photo? 

It's really up to you. Plan and carry these out well and your customers will love you!

Contest Creativity
Facebook is a wonderful platform for contests because almost everyone in the world now uses it. You can be as creative as you want for your contests to stand out and be effective. Of course, you should first be clear with your objectives and delivery so as to avoid problems. As much as possible, use these contests to further advertise your page and your business, such as when asking people to gather likes or to share content. 

Your contest doesn't have to be complicated. Let's say you're in the telecommunications industry and you're trying to promote your newly released gadget. Post a creative shot of the gadget in use or in a particular setting and just ask people to comment with the best caption. The caption that gets the most likes within a period of time you set wins.

Love the Links 
These days, you will often find a lot of Facebook fan pages linking to their websites and blogs. This is good, so long as you don't go overboard and only pick the most relevant posts and pages from your site. Since you can't place all the details in your Facebook post, it's best to link to the content which will provide all the things your target market needs to know about.

Moreover, linking will allow Facebook fans to be aware of your website and to possibly sign up for your email list too. In the long run, this can certainly increase your conversion rate. In addition, it would be helpful to place links that point people to your other social media accounts. Perhaps there are some who are more active on Instagram or who love to browse through Pinterest. Maybe your tweets will be more effective for others. Hence, it's also important that you encourage Facebook followers to also check you out in these other platforms.

Using just these few simple tips for Facebook fan page posting, you'll at a minimum have a clearer direction and a greater chance of boosting your success through this prominent social media venue. Every post will be more meaningful and worthwhile, each one bringing you closer to more exposure and online success. 

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