3 Great Reasons to Integrate your AMS and Website

Today, we are firmly situated in an age of connectivity, instant gratification, and mobility in nearly every aspect of life.

Our first avenue of research of a new product, company or service usually begins at a website. It is almost a natural instinct. Need new clothes? Head to a brand’s website. Need to check your bank statement? Log into your account online. It happens all the time, all over the world. So this begs the question: if this is our behavior outside of the workplace, why shouldn’t it be the same with your association and its members?

Integrating your current website and association membership system is no longer an idea of the future, but a reality of now. Mirroring your member’s behaviors online in their free time and providing a similar experience in regards to their membership could yield very positive results in terms of things such as event registration and membership retention moving forward.

First and foremost, an integrated AMS and website allows your members the autonomy to handle and manage their accounts in a self-service fashion. This autonomy you’ve provided your members gives them access to their membership profiles and accounts, accessible whenever and from wherever they would like. Members are able to perform actions such as:

  • Viewing and paying outstanding dues
  • Registering for upcoming events and conferences
  • Updating their membership account information

Through the connection to your AMS and financial software, this information is automatically updated across all of your systems, providing insight and the most up-to-date information for you and your team. With some AMS solutions, such as iMIS andBroadPoint Engage, your organization’s main web site look and feel will even remain the same for members when they log in to their accounts, providing a continuity and familiarity to your members.

Offering the most painless way for members to access, update, and manage their accounts and membership profiles allows them to spend less time finding this information and more time to engage with you.

Contact BroadPoint, one of the East Coast’s largest iMIS solution providers, for further questions and to discuss your AMS needs.

This blog post was presented by Steven LaGow, Marketing Assistant at BroadPoint.

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