3 Ways to Leverage Your Retainer

As an Account Manager, I manage clients after they’ve launched a website. As someone experienced in working with clients once their site is live, I can tell you with confidence it’s important to have a true plan going forward upon launch.

Technology is constantly evolving. Web browsers continually update their versions to fight to be on top of their market. Search engine rankings and analytics need to be monitored, strategized, and optimized so your site stays current. Graphics need a refresh every so often, estimates for new functionality may come up, or you may simply need general guidance.

Retainer programs help pave the way to ensure time is dedicated to the upkeep of your site. Here are a few ways a retainer can benefit your bottom line:

1. Saves you time and money.
My job is to advocate for you. Account Managers make every effort to get the work completed as fast and efficiently as possible. For example, when I process a quote, I always provide options when applicable; i.e. a quick fix that's less costly and a more permanent fix that could be more costly yet more substantive. Also, we review your hours, and provide reports so you can review the time and money you’ve recently invested. 

2. Control over your priorities.
You have the freedom to control your own workload and priorities. Your Account Manager is flexible in case there are urgent items that need to be addressed more quickly. We understand the fluctuations that occur within a business and try to help you manage them with your best interest in mind. 

3. Greater team involvement.
A retainer allows for the opportunity to build better relationships between your team and ours. We proactively provide recommendations based on our expertise and experience that will give you the information needed to make the best decisions. While we are happy to offer some direction, the final decision is always yours.

Choosing a retainer depends on a few key factors:
1) The size of your site and degree of custom functionality
2) Your needs and goals for the next few years
3) Budget

While many companies talk about customer service, Americaneagle.com actually delivers the best possible service in the industry. "Ongoing support and maintenance for your post-launch website is key to your online success – developing a retainer plan builds a partnership that can last for years to come and is the first step in the right direction to your initial and continued success. Our success is tied to yours – and we take this responsibility very seriously" says John Weisenburger, Technical Manager of Retainers, Americaneagle.com.

No matter who you work with, remember to always have a plan once your site is live. Your overall success depends on it!

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