4 Ways to Grow Your Business With Google +

When it comes to utilizing social media for business marketing, there's no argument to be made. Everybody who's anybody in the modern marketing world knows just how important it is to strengthen your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets.

But what about Google Plus?

Despite the fact that Google has millions of users around the world, its social network doesn't seem to be catching on as fast, but it’s important to remember that Google is the world’s largest search engine in terms of worldwide searches, and YouTube is number two, both are owned by Google. Nevertheless, even if Google + is far from toppling over Facebook, you ought to realize that it's still a fairly good platform to use in marketing your products and services.

Why Google Plus Will Serve Your Company Well
FYI: Google Plus also has millions of members--- perhaps not as many as Facebook, but still hundreds of millions nonetheless. If you take a look at the stats, this social media platform apparently has 500 million active users monthly, with the number growing each day. Hence, you'll surely get to expand your reach if you actively market here too.

What's more, do you know that figures show how efficient Google Plus is when it comes to brand engagement? User interactions have been continuously increasing and studies are showing that they are actually at par with interactions related to Facebook and Twitter posts. Indeed Google Plus may actually be more beneficial than most businesses perceive.

Furthermore, isn't it that all websites are aiming to always keep moving up in Google search results? Well, establishing a strong and active presence on this Internet Giant's social media may actually boost your ranking!


How to Benefit Your Business through Google Plus
Even if you're already a well-established business that has been around for many years, it pays to keep up-to-date with the latest marketing technologies and platforms. You never know when a smaller company might suddenly rise ahead of you, so it's always good to keep pushing forward, marketing continuously, and innovating every now and then.
Here are 4 Google Plus elements you can employ in order to win plus points for your company:

1. Google+ Reviews
A lot of consumers usually look for reviews. When they are not yet fully convinced about your products and services, they want to find out what prior or current clients say about your business.
Ensure that you make use of Google+ reviews so your followers on this platform will easily be able to find feedback and evaluation of your products and services. Reading positive reviews will certainly make people trust you easily and give them that needed push to purchase.

2. Google+ Badge
It's vital to incorporate a Google+ badge into your website so that visitors and readers will have the chance to follow you on this social media without any hassle. They won't have to actually leave your site or open Google+ just to become your follower.
Doing this can help you gain more followers in the long run. The more followers you have, the more potential interactions and sales you can enjoy.
Make sure to always update your Google+ posts so that people who come to your page for the first time will have a good impression of your business.

3. Google+ Places
Perhaps your business is present locally or you have several brick and mortar shops in the country. Then it's certainly valuable to set up your Google+ places properly so that your shop's location, contact details, description, and photos will automatically show up in search results. Often the information you put in Google+ places show up prominently on the right side, thus attracting attention and making your business more noticeable.

Incorporate this element with your Google+ account so that those who visit your page will also know where you are located and where they can possibly go to check out what you're offering.

4. Google+ Hangouts
Customer service is of utmost importance in every business. With the tough competition nowadays, sometimes this can be the only thing that will make you stand out above the rest. One way you can maximize this is through Google+ Hangouts which you can use to chat with prospective clients, answer concerns and queries, and the like.

In addition, Google+ Hangouts allows for screen sharing so you can easily utilize it to conduct webinars. Such will draw more people to your business and also give them the impression that you truly care and are willing to share expert information that can benefit others.

You may also make use of this feature to discuss important matters with different departments or branches across the globe. This is certainly helpful for large companies which need to maintain good communication among the various departments and units.

Moreover, it's also a great way for you to record audio and video files that you can insert into your YouTube channel (which is also handled by Google).

These are just the basics. There are plenty of ways that different companies today can utilize Google Plus to their advantage, reaching out to more people in the process and enhancing sales too. Don't get left behind. Start winning plus points for your business through this remarkable social media network!

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