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Traditionally, a website has been a one-way communication channel, where visitors search for information or purchase a product. That has all changed with Interactive Marketing solutions. Toke Tangkjaer, Director of Sales and Communication at Netop, a leader in interactive technology solutions, sat down with us to discuss how Interactive Marketing is changing the way businesses interact with website visitors. (AE): What is Interactive Marketing?

Toke Tangkjaer (TT): Interactive Marketing is a way to engage customers and prospects through various online channels, using a solution like live chat.

AE: What benefits are you seeing with businesses adding Interactive Marketing?

TT: Companies put a lot of effort and marketing dollars into drawing visitors and customers to their website. Interactive Marketing is a simple way to directly optimize those efforts by talking to the visitor while they are on the website. This really benefits both the company and the visitor by creating a line of communication for FAQs, sales, shipping, returns, etc. And you can create canned responses to make it easier on the companies end and even proactively engage prospective customers.

AE: When people think of Interactive Marketing solutions, many times they associate it with e-commerce. How are non e-commerce companies utilizing this tool?

TT: A great example in how live chat is working beyond the e-commerce industry is a pharmacy client of ours. They are able to use the solution to directly and privately work with customers who have questions about taking a medication, what side effects there might be, etc. They also can be more interactive with customers by using the video stream to show customers information. We see many other businesses besides e-commerce starting to utilize powerful interactive tools like live chat.

AE: What other places online do you see Interactive Marketing being useful?

TT: You can use live chat in other places besides website. You can place it on your Facebook, LinkedIn accounts or post it in your signature line. Where live chat is placed is really up to the needs and creativity of the business. You could even have the accounting department use it in electronic invoices and bills, giving the customer an automatic channel to discuss the bill if they have questions.

AE: What results do live chat offer?

TT: Our customers in average experience a 20% increase in online sales at lower cost per acquisition than any competing alternative and a 25% reduction in service operational costs. Moreover customer satisfaction scores above any other human assisted channel. This shows that live chat is truly a tool that is valued not only by the organization in order to improve sales and drive down the cost of servicing an online customer but also values the end-customer as they experience personal and effective support and clarification to any questions they might have – customer value this higher than traditional phone and email support.

AE: If someone wants to start using Interactive Marketing in their online business and marketing plan, how can they get started?

TT: The first step in starting your own Interactive Marketing plan is determining what you want to accomplish. Do you want to focus on sales or is it geared more towards another outlet for customer support. If you want to focus on a specific part of your business you may only want it on one page vs the whole website. After you determine how and where to use live chat, you need to decide who will be the respondent on your end. Once those two items are decided it is very easy to implement Live Guide, since there is no software to download. To find out more on Netop’s Interactive Marketing solutions, visit their website or contact for a demonstration.

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