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New Elgiloy Specialty Metals Website Helps Modernize a Brand That is Part of Local Chicago History

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Elgiloy was named after Elgin, the town in which it is located, and ‘alloy’ the type of material they deal in. Elgiloy was initially ‘The Elgin Watch Company’, which created ‘Elgiloy Alloy’, a material that would last infinitely, following World War II. Today, Elgiloy specializes in nickel and nickel cobalt alloys for use in a variety of industries, from aerospace, automotive, chemical processing and medical device manufacturers.

Elgiloy came to Americaneagle.com looking to modernize their site with responsive design and easier navigation. They wanted a website that would represent their company accurately and offer their users a simple and easy way to get to the information they need.

Americaneagle.com implemented a content management system that is easy to use, along with Hawk Search, a powerful site search functionality that allows the user to find what they are looking for on-site. The alloys offered by Elgiloy are now clearly sorted, the industries served are prominently displayed on the homepage, and all of the latest news along with the “Elgiloy Difference” are conveyed in a dynamic user interface. The new web presence properly matches the professionalism and quality of the historic Elgiloy brand.

Mike Svanascini, President of Americaneagle.com, said “We’re proud to have collaborated with Elgiloy in producing a website and overall online presence that truly communicates the quality and value associated with this great company.”

Doloris Wood, Digital Marketing Director at Elgiloy, revamped the company’s internet strategy and initiated the new website project. She commented: “Our Americaneagle.com Project Manager was always easy to get hold of and willing to talk through ideas with us. He brought excellent initiatives to the table and was honest in his guidance. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Americaneagle.com and look forward to implementing two more websites with them.”

About Elgiloy Specialty Metals 

Elgiloy Specialty Metals started out as The Elgin National Watch Company, which came up with a revolutionary material for watch springs that does not corrode and has an infinite life span. This material, a cobalt alloy, held such high strength and temperature properties that it was soon recognized for applications in aerospace, petrochemical applications and medical devices. Today, Elgiloy produces more than 40 high-performance alloys. To learn more abut Elgiloy Specialty Metals, visithttp://www.elgiloy.com.