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Americaneagle.com uses web analytics tools to understand the health of your website while mining data to provide you the best ROI possible for your website. When used together, predictive analytics and data mining can make marketing your website more efficient while producing successful results. 

Imagine an easy and efficient way to collect data about your website. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that allowed you to check the views of your site, all of its pages, and gain information about its users? With the help of our Strategists, all of this is possible using web analytics. Americaneagle.com has more than two dozen employees with extensive training in Google Analytics to assist our clients in gathering statistics and information which will improve their website.

Analytical data can provide qualitative and quantitative insights into site performance. Gathering necessary information is key to making the smartest, most educated decisions when it comes to your company’s website. Utilizing Google Analytics, our experts can attain a wealth of data that is helpful for our clients in order to gain, and retain, a strong customer base. Our main goal while using this tool is to separate what is performing well and areas that need improvement on your website. We can determine this by looking at landing/exit pages, bounce rates, page visits, and more. From there we can determine what should remain the same and what needs to be changed on your website.

Targeting specific demographics is crucial to successful marketing. Web analytics collects data that clients can use to learn more about their site users. From there, we can enhance the customer experience by catering to their unique needs. In order to measure the success of site updates and marketing campaigns, data from web analytics provides statistics that show any changes in feedback from users. For example, if your company sends out a promotional email, Google Analytics will show you how many people visited your website because of that email. These numbers then contribute to higher conversion rates and positive user engagement.


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