User Behavior Analysis

Resources & Tools

The goal is to make your site or app more efficient for users so they can quickly and easily find information, products, and/or services. This process involves using heat maps that highlight different parts of your web page in various colors depending on where the mouse is moved and how often it’s clicked so that you can see the sections of your site most important to your users.  In addition, we use screen recordings that record mouse movement of an anonymous user’s session to get further insights on how your audience engages with certain elements and pages of your website. This technology enables to see which areas of a page may cause confusion and need to be addressed. We will also use analytics tools such as Google Analytics to learn how a page is performing overall.

Heat Map

Surveys and polls

Surveys & Polls

Voice of the customer services involves using surveys and/or polls, to find out exactly how your users feel about your online presence. We ask questions about what the user was trying to do on the website and how that experience was to help identify what is perceived as easy or difficult to use, and what content your users have trouble finding. These surveys and polls can be displayed tactfully on your site so users have the option to take them or ignore them. Offline polls and surveys are always an option as well.