Technical Strategy

Industry Leading Strategies

Business requirements are your needs as a company, while functional requirements refer to how your website will best support those business needs. We create a strategy to best fit your unique business needs based on best practices and standards in innovation.


Our Strategy

Determine Goals

To create a technical strategy, we conduct a deep dive interview with you to gather your requirements, find out your goals for the site, and clarify what products you want the technology to support.  We review the current processes you have in place, including those that might not be leveraging technology at all, look into what we can automate, and establish your solution enterprise needs. The needs we analyze go beyond the site itself - we also plan for integration with back end and 3rd party systems.

Research Solutions

Next we conduct research to determine a solution. We research the methodologies necessary for integration and determine the best user interface elements for your custom needs. Depending on the results of our research, we might recommend bridging existing solutions or suggest an entire site re-build.

Plan Execution

Next, we create documentation that details functional requirements of the project itself to be used by the implementation team to build the project. This document also provides a true project scope and an accurate timeline and pricing.

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