Would you like to tailor your website to each individual user that visited?

Luckily, has a Personalization team to make this happen for our clients. For any website user, personalization is a crucial aspect of their online experience. Personalization is a way to customize a website for each individual visitor. Often referred to as one-to-one marketing, personalization gives customers the feeling that they are special or valued. Most site users are not even aware that the pages they view are customized; yet it provides them with a heightened experience that result in higher conversion rates. Not surprisingly, a recent study reported that marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized web experiences. Additionally, leads that are nurtured with personalized content produce a significant increase in sales opportunities. Therefore, the increasing importance of personalization clearly shows that those companies using various methods of personalization are seeing much better results.

The SME’s, or Subject Matter Experts, at are well versed in the most impactful personalization tactics. Our goal is to greatly improve our client’s relationship with their customers.  Emails, advertisements, and suggested articles or products are all great vessels through which to utilize personalization to enhance a company’s marketing strategy.  Through the implementation of user profiling tools, we can gather information about our clients’ customers (names, birthdays, likes and dislikes, purchase histories, click histories, page visits, etc.). Possessing this information allows our clients to contact customers by name, send them promotions, and provide them with future purchasing suggestions.  These are all helpful statistics to determine what pages are of interest to certain people so that we can target them with more specific ads, suggestions, and emails. As a result, our clients witness an influx of customers and increased loyalty of current customers.

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