Needs Analysis

Comprehensive Analysis

To develop a complete digital marketing and website strategy, the overall needs of the project will be analyzed.  Through this analysis, we will develop the foundation of the website strategy, analyze the competitive landscape, outline the functional needs, and review creative requirements with the end goal to create a full and complete roadmap of your present needs.

Our Review Process

Foundational Strategy

Starting with the foundation of how the business works and who the audience is will help to outline the objectives and goals of the website.

Competitive Analysis

We will also conduct a competitive review for your industry, review the landscape online, and look at who your competitors are serving.

Analytics Review

We will look into your analytics and those of your competitors. When we analyze your site data we look at the overall performance of your site, including site visits, page views, how long users stay on the site, pages viewed per visit, and bounce rate. We also take a look at your performance in organic search. Using this data, we create a picture of how visitors are going through your website, and draw out the overall path of the visitor. We’ll also take a look at which devices are most commonly used to access your site.

Creative review

Through the integration of existing brand standards, we help to develop a creative strategy focused on facilitating a user-friendly experience based on data gathered in the previous steps of the Needs Analysis. Tying creative designs to the goals of the business and audience helps to create a user-friendly and functional end result.

Functional Analysis

Reviewing all the front-end, back-end, administrative, and functional tools needed is a vital step in developing an effective, successful website.  We will determine the blueprints for all administrative and functional requirements for the back end maintenance of the site as well as the tools and functionality that need to be available for the front-end user.

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