Experience Marketing

Tailored solutions for your marketing agenda

Netflix and Amazon have created one-to-one marketing experiences that are tailored to unique individual users, so all sites now have customers that are used to this kind of bespoke experience. As this becomes the norm we can only expect experience marketing to become more essential to businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Experience Marketing

Experience Marketing Tools

Through experience marketing you can create unique, personalized messaging to improve conversion rates, offer a seamless experience between devices, and present optimized messages through multiple online channels. Experience marketing entails more than just one method of implementation. A number of different tools can be utilized, such as:

Client Spotlight

For our customer TowneBank, Americaneagle.com created a segmented user experience that shows personalized content relevant to the users' location, and content specific to users on the site for business and personal use.

For a well-known healthcare organization customer, we held a series of workshops to identify the audiences we were going to market to and established user profiles and customer journeys for each. We implemented goals and geo-location targeting to deliver personalized content to these target audience members.

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