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email_conversionsv2, through our email consulting services, assists clients in finding the most effective marketing routes for their business as well as strengthening those routes through the use of the best available tools. Utilizing a robust Broadcast Email functionality has proven to be very effective for marketing, as 95%* of Internet users have an email address. Recent studies have shown that 44%* of email recipients will make at least one purchase per year based on emails sent to them. Additionally, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25.* 

There are a variety of ways that our dedicated Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) help clients construct the best Email Marketing tactics and strategies. Recently, our strategy team helped with the design and overall content strategy for a longtime customer, With an online store started in 1996, eDietShop offers gourmet food to those interested in limiting sugar, sodium, fat, carbs, cholesterol and calories in their diet. Working with our strategists, eDietShop sent out a broadcast email to their database that included a promo code along with a short description featuring 3 of their fine products. The results were superb, with an open rate of 32.7% and a click through rate of 7.7%.

Clearly, email marketing via broadcast email is a very important part of reaching customers. excels in working with clients to improve their customer relationships via email marketing strategies.

In addition to consulting, program and tool installation, we offer individual email management as well. A primary way of improving our clients’ Email Marketing is outfitting them with the highest quality features.

Our own idev® Broadcast Email system provides our clients with a great tool that provides statistics on conversion rates, audience-targeting abilities, and email personalization. We can also go further and create specific content for our clients to use in emails for their customers. For more information on the idev® Broadcast Email tool, please go here


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