Content Strategy

Comprehensive Content Review

Today, content is king, and creating a Content Strategy will ensure your content is right for your audience by developing your voice, brand, and messaging.

We review the current content on your website as well as content within any of your marketing channels such as email, social, and even display ad copy. The overarching goal is to help you determine what channels, messaging, and voice will best engage and create a meaningful experience for your audience.

We begin by grading the current site content to determine how readable, actionable, and purposeful it is in regards to your audience and the objectives of your site. We then provide recommendations as to the future of that content – in terms of whether it should be rewritten, kept as is, or removed.


Content Is King

Review Content

To develop your Content Strategy, we will start by assessing how well your content is meeting the needs of your audience. 

Content Plan

Based on this we develop a content plan that is going to assist in achieving the goals and objectives of the site, while establishing a consistent brand and voice.

Content Audit

We can also conduct a Content Audit to identify how well your current content is performing and what changes need to be made.

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