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Redeveloping Your Website with SEO in Mind

When it’s time to redesign your website, it’s also a great time to revisit your SEO strategy. Within you will find helpful SEO tips and tricks to ensure your redesign goes as smoothly as possible.

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Digital Marketing Strategies Webinar Recap – Part One, SEO and Email Marketing

We recently held a webinar focused on digital marketing and how to optimize for success in 2017. Three members of the team spoke on this topic; Tim Rohlwing, SEO Strategist, Joe Gustafson, Social Strategist, and Corte Swearingen, Director of Testing and Optimization. In part one of this webinar recap we will discuss the topics of SEO and email marketing; in a second post, we will review Corte’s presentation regarding A/B Testing.

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Are You Future-Proofing Your E-Commerce Website?

Trends come and go, so applying best practices to your e-commerce website can help you navigate the changing tides of your industry, allowing you to get more mileage out of your platform. Here are 5 tips to keep your website future-proof

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SEO for Ecommerce Websites - Top Optimization Tips to Increase Sales

Having an ecommerce website and selling your products online is no doubt an excellent way to propel your business sales. Building a beautiful, user friendly ecommerce store is the first step; the second step is to optimize your ecommerce store to increase the number of qualified leads and resulting conversions.

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Topics and Themes from IRCE 2016

The team has been attending the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) for many years, this year included! As our presence at the show has grown over the years, we have also been able to send more staff to absorb more information on ecommerce trends and learn about the latest challenges e-retailers face.

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SEO: Then and Now – Reflecting on Ever-Changing Search Engine Optimization Practices

Whether you are brand new to SEO or have years of experience, the world of Search Engine Optimization is an ever-growing, ever-changing practice. In fact, the recommended practices a year ago (or even a month ago) are no longer the same as they are today.

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Is it Penguin…or Panda?

In early January, news started to leak out that some changes to the Google Algorithm were going to happen, and many assumed this would be a Penguin update. Then, when many search engine results started to change, it was clear that a Penguin update was NOT the culprit for these new variations. So who..or what…happened to be the true culprit? Panda!

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