Last-Minute Cyber Monday Tips for E-Retailers

The holiday season is an incredibly important time of year for many retailers. A successful few months at peak season can truly make a big difference to yearly returns for many businesses. With Cyber Monday quickly approaching, read on for a few tips from on how to make the most of the season of gifts and giving.

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The Lowdown on Google AMP and How It Can Help You

Earlier this year, Google launched their new AMP project, also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open source project created by Google that sets out to create instant access for all mobile users. When you visit the Accelerated Mobile Pages project site, they dive straight into their ultimate purpose of the project:

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SEO: Then and Now – Reflecting on Ever-Changing Search Engine Optimization Practices

Whether you are brand new to SEO or have years of experience, the world of Search Engine Optimization is an ever-growing, ever-changing practice. In fact, the recommended practices a year ago (or even a month ago) are no longer the same as they are today.

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Is it Penguin…or Panda?

In early January, news started to leak out that some changes to the Google Algorithm were going to happen, and many assumed this would be a Penguin update. Then, when many search engine results started to change, it was clear that a Penguin update was NOT the culprit for these new variations. So who..or what…happened to be the true culprit? Panda!

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3 Paid Search Headlines You Can’t Afford to Ignore

3 Paid Search Headlines You Can’t Afford to Ignore

As you probably know by now, the world of paid search is a very fluid one. Technology changes quickly, even weekly - often leaving retailers scrambling to stay on top of their paid search marketing game. Sometimes these updates are small and don’t noticeably affect your paid search strategy. Other updates are substantial in nature. These changes will affect your performance unless you adjust your strategy accordingly.

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Getting to Know Google Analytics

If you’re new to Google Analytics (or not quite sure what it is), then this post is dedicated to you. Many organizations still aren’t using Google Analytics to its full potential to measure traffic and performance. It’s very common to see these companies spending massive amounts of time and money just to try and get people to look at their website. The problem is they forget to take the time and track their efforts and see what actually works and what doesn’t. With various activities going on, such as posting on social, sending email blasts, and more, it’s important to measure the results in order to spend time and marketing dollars on what’s successful and generating the best outcome.

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See Inside - Google Business View

What do Hospitals, Barbershops, Hotels, Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Nail Salons, Car Dealerships, and Stadiums, all have in common? They are all starting to utilize Google Business View to drive foot traffic to their business by optimizing their Google + Pages with virtual tours and still photography. Once uploaded the content is directly accessible through the See Inside window on Google and Google Map Searches.

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Google Mobile Web

Google Mobile Web: Are You Listening Yet?

So you saw all the news headlines on how Google “might” give an SEO boost to mobile friendly sites, and you said to yourself that you would think about moving to a mobile friendly website. Then you saw that Google was starting to use a new mobile friendly format, and it reminded you that you had to figure out what to do about converting to a mobile site. Then, finally, mobile usability reports show up in webmaster tools, and you are starting to consider what to do....

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Data Graph

Google Analytics: Adding Value to Your Site

Google Analytics is, in essence, a data dump of your site. It can quickly get overwhelming, intimidating, or confusing if you don’t know where to look. Hopefully the following will help you decipher this information!

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