How to Get a Featured Snippet Answer Box in Google

You may have noticed the search engine results page in Google is continually changing. Notable changes include featured snippets or answer boxes, knowledge graph cards, news articles, events, travel information and more.

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seo redesign tips and tricks blog image

Redeveloping Your Website with SEO in Mind

When it’s time to redesign your website, it’s also a great time to revisit your SEO strategy. Within you will find helpful SEO tips and tricks to ensure your redesign goes as smoothly as possible.

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Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP: Worth it?

If your website’s ROI is important to you (and even if it’s not), mobile page speed should be a top priority. Recent data shows that 40% of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. That’s less time than it takes to read this sentence!

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How to Make The Most Out of Google Analytics – Part 2

Welcome back! Last post I explained some of the basics of using Google Analytics. Today we’ll go further in depth on how to maintain and analyze your data and you’ll learn what data is most likely to be important to your site.

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Make the Most of out of Google Analytics part 1

How to Make The Most Out of Google Analytics – Part 1

At our recent Forum event I gave a presentation on how to make the most out of Google Analytics. For those who missed it or would like a recap, I’ve written a two-part blog on the same topic.

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