Last-Minute Cyber Monday Tips for E-Retailers

The holiday season is an incredibly important time of year for many retailers. A successful few months at peak season can truly make a big difference to yearly returns for many businesses. With Cyber Monday quickly approaching, read on for a few tips from on how to make the most of the season of gifts and giving.

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Optimize Your Marketing Through A/B Testing

No matter the size of your prospect list, optimizing its performance will improve your results. One of the best ways to optimize the performance of your marketing campaigns is to take a “test and learn” approach via A/B testing.

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Lookalike Audiences: 3 Simple Steps to Grow Your VIPs

Let’s face it: every email address you add to your list is not equal. While we all want to make sure our subscriber list is growing, it’s the crème de la crème that really drive our email marketing revenue. Those familiar with the 80/20 rule, known as Pareto’s Principle, inherently understand that it’s this small segment of your customer base who can have the greatest impact on your overall business.

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Get Your Emails Opened: 3 Ways to Increase Your Open Rate

2.4 million emails are sent every second of every day. For your business, the question isn’t how to send more emails, but how to make your messages stand out among the deluge of all the others.

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Enhance Your Email Marketing

Enhance your Email Marketing

A solid email marketing campaign should be an integral part of any overall marketing strategy for any business or organization. Although it’s an absolute must for ecommerce sites, it’s also a great lead generator for businesses and organizations that don’t sell anything online.

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Email Anatomy 101

Email Anatomy 101

In order to graduate high school (however many years ago that was), my classmates and I were required to take a biology class. It was pretty interesting, fun, and maybe slightly disgusting at times. On lab days, students were either wide-eyed and amazed, or cowering in the corner of the class room getting sick. While dissecting fetal pigs and cat eyeballs may not have been your subject, or even helped you in your career, dissecting a good email will reveal the building blocks to creating successful campaigns for your business.

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