Five Main Ingredients of the User Experience

If you can find ways to improve the user experience, you'll find that your visitor task completion rate increases, and that means more money and more leads. But what are the elements that make up what the industry refers to as UX (User Experience)?

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Analytics: The key to A/B Testing Success

Corte Swearingen,’s Director of Digital Marketing & Conversion Science, recently spoke on the topic of A/B testing on Kentico’s Marketing Insights Webinar. During a portion of the webinar, Corte spoke about the benefits of using both quantitative and qualitative data to help with your A/B Testing efforts. Read on for a recap on the importance of data in A/B testing.

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The Importance of A/B Testing in Validating Website Changes

As marketers, we are making changes to our websites all the time, adjusting headlines, changing images, adding buttons, producing more videos, creating special offers, and so on – the list never ends. But how do we know that these changes are actually producing tangible business results?

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Digital Marketing Strategies Webinar Recap – Part Two, A/B Testing

Welcome to part two of our webinar recap! We recently held a webinar focused on digital marketing and how to optimize for success in 2017. In our previous post we outlined the topics of SEO and Email Marketing – today we will discuss A/B Testing and how this can help you achieve success in 2017.

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Strategy of Effective Email Marketing – Part 2

Welcome back! On Friday, I posted a blog about why you might choose to use email marketing and how to get started with it. Today we have Part 2 of that post, outlining information on creating email, sending email, measuring performance and information on how we can help with your email needs.

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